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2018 Mille Lacs County Fair

The 2018 Mille Lacs County Fair was held August 8 through 12, 2018. The theme was the 1918 influenza pandemic and World War I.  MAHS highlighted the F. O. Johnson family, which lost seven family members, six who died between December 31, 1918 and January 6, 1919. Milaca also brought the World War I uniform and other items that belonged to Cecil Stanchfield of Foreston. The Mille Lacs County Historical Society shared the story of Harold Chapman, who survived WWI, the flu and gassing only to die of tuberculosis in 1922 at the age of 22. The Mille Lacs Lake Historical Society shared the story of their doctor, who came to Onamia in the early 1900's to practice medicine following his graduation from medical school in Chicago, Illinois. He tested positive for tuberculosis and was told not to settle in a city, so he ended up in Onamia. He was influential in building the first hospital in Onamia in 1922.
Heritage Building entrance
Johnson Childen who died in the 1918 pandemic.
Caregiver notes about the Johnsn Family
1918 Pandemic items

Preserving the history of Milaca and the surrounding area

Milaca Area Historical Society

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