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Yvonne Cory, the Apron Lady, presents

On Tuesday, September 19, 2017 approximately 55 people came to the Milaca City Hall to hear stories aprons used from the 1800's to the present might tell.  Yvonne Cory, the Apron Lady, brought her collection of 60 aprons and shared their histories along with food products and recipes of the era.  Materials, stitches, patterns and embellishments were all representative of the history of the times no matter if it was a time of abundance or scarcity.   The presentation was in celebration of the Milaca Museum's 10th year in the 1930's WPA building that it calls home.

Along with the presentation, the Museum hosted a local exhibit of aprons from residents in and around the Milaca area.  Eighteen aprons were displayed during September and October, 2017.
At entrance to program.
Apron display
Yvonne Cory with props
Leslie Anfinson introduces apron program
Yvonne Cory shows aprons
Apron Lady Yvonne Cory
City meeting room set up for program
Exhibit of local aprons at the Milaca Museum
Carrie Fanum.
Ruth Boggs
Same patterns
Jacqueline Youngberg
Ardy Becklin
Judy Sonnek.
janet Vetsch

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