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Milaca Public Schools
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The first two pictures are Normal School classes from 1901 and 1915.  Milaca Normal school trained country school teachers up to 1935.  Women and men, 18-19 years old, were trained in a year long course. Local school boards hired them as needed.  After the Depression and WWII the teachers were trained at Teacher's Colleges like the one in St Cloud.
The next set of pictures tell the history of the Milaca Public School building from 1901 to 1955, including the 1915 fire which destroyed the school building.  Students were scattered throughout the community until a new building was built.  The 1910 Bird's Eye view of Milaca includes the Milaca Public School building.

The third set includes Milaca High School teams:
1904 and 1914 girls' basketball,
1908 Girls Glee Club, 
1907 boys football and 1910 boys' baseball teams, and the 1966 Milaca High School Marching Band.
Milaca Museum Pictures
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The front of the Milaca Museum shown in this album was built by the WPA in 1936 and completed in 1937.  The oose head's origin is unknown but it has had a presence in the building for decades. The mural depicting the forests and the logging and milling industries surrounds the auditorium on all four walls. Come and see the Musum as it celebrates 10 years in the WPA building.
2016 Mille Lacs County Fair
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Butter making with children and families on Thursday "Day Care Day"  and the 125 year time line of Mille Lacs County Fair.
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Tom Sauer, President
Jere Day, Vice President
Lynn Kent, Treasurer
Karen Schlenker, Curator
Ann Johnson, Secretary
Leslie Anfinson, Vice-Secretary
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Preserving the history of Milaca and the surrounding area

Milaca Area Historical Society

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