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Milaca Area Historical Society

“The purpose of the society shall be the collection, preservation and dissemination of knowledge about the history of Milaca and the surrounding area…”

By-laws of the Milaca Area Historical Society


 Local History Is Where We Live! 

Welcome to the Milaca Area Historical Society and the Milaca Museum – gathering, caring for and interpreting the objects and stories of central Mille Lacs County’s past.

Explore our website and visit our FREE museum and research room.

Excuse Our Mess!

The Museum's reference room was in need of an update, and once the museum closed in November the work began.   The hung ceiling was removed, and old carpet and tile were taken out.  The work should be completed soon.

Meanwhile, we apologize to researchers and visitors who we've been unable to serve during this time.  We'll be back together soon! It's February 19th and we will be back together soon! It will be a grand opening April 1st!.          


Preserving the history of Milaca and the surrounding area

Milaca Area Historical Society

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